Our philosophy


We at The Roasting House believe that everyone has the right to enjoy freshly roasted specialty coffee every day. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to capture each region’s best and bringing that to you. To help us do that, we work closely with certified “Q-grader” suppliers to ensure we receive the freshest harvest possible, roast it to perfection, then pack it in fully re-sealable bags so you can continue to enjoy the coffee fresher for longer. Additionally, we are also distributors of quality brewing and grinding equipment & gadgets that are easy and fun to use at home, in the office or out and about. A fun fact not many people knew is that used coffee grounds can be used as compost for your garden or plants!




If we’re going to solidly believe in one thing, it will be our attention to being and staying unique through adopting a “high quality only” approach. To help us get there, we’ve spent well over a year sample roasting & experimenting with some very exciting 100% Arabica coffees from a variety of sources. Our promise to you is that we will:

 Store green (unroasted) beans in a temperature controlled environment to maintain their quality.

 Profile and data log our roasts, so you know you will be getting consistently good coffee.

 Provide you with your coffee as whole beans, or grind it to your preferred option.

 Deliver great tasting specialty coffee at a great value.

 Genuinely enjoy what we do, our enthusiasm in roasting and constantly cupping our coffees guarantee 

 that the end product is always delivered with utmost care.

 Provide high quality glassware, brewing, and grinding equipment for that cup of excellence.




With over 10 years experience in coffee sourcing, brewing, roasting, and tasting, our Master Roaster Osamah is proud to present you big flavours and superior coffees from single origins and blends, fine Arabic Coffee, and a sen¬sual twist to Turkish Coffee. Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for following cupping protocols, he regularly cups and tastes the coffees to ensure they are well worth sticking our logo on them. He uses one of the world’s most renowned roasting machines specifically imported for us by Toper Machines, masters of coffee roasters & grinders.